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    Beauty Scissors with Box

    Beauty scissors with box Special information: Advantage: 1.Cute pink beauty scissors, it is use in trim hair.You can trim hair by yourself at home, if have this tool. Save your time & money from beauty salon!Small and convenient, safe and easy to store. 2.Product is a...
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  • Stainless Steel Fruit Knife

    Stainless steel fruit knife Special information: Advantage: 1.This fruit knife is made of ABS material, the length of the shank is lengthened to give the user a better grip, while the sharp blade makes the cutting smooth, and the food grade steel allows you to use it with...
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  • Children Knife and Fork Set

    Children knife and fork set Special information: Advantage: 1.Environmental hygiene of pp materials 2.Cartoon patterns are more attractive to children. 3.The advantage of a combination is to buy two products for a penny.
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  • 410 Steel Tailor Shears

    410 Steel tailor shears Special information: Advantage: 1. The scissors have soft grip handles with two colors. Suitable for ages 8+ kids, or please be used with the parents, Modern Jincheng company are always hope you & your family health & happiness :) The scissors...
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  • Multi-color Kids Scissors

    Multi-color kids scissors Special information: Advantage: 1.his scissor is ergonomic, It's more comfortable to use. 2.we are concentrate on quality & details. Also we are factory, will always offer you good wholesale price! Color varies. Also this scissor is easy to...
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  • Larger Utility Knife

    larger utility knife Special information: Advantage: 1.This utility knife has an automatic lock to ensure the stability of the cutting edge when cutting. The unique edge design makes the utility knife three times more windy than other products. It gives the user maximum...
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  • Potato Ceramic Peeler With Plastic Handle

    Hardness The materials are used by high density zirconium oxide. Hardness is 9(the hardness of diamond is 10). Razor sharp and excellent resistant to abrasion.
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  • Stainless Steel Corkscrew Wine Opener

    Offers a two-inch wide turning knob that is comfortable to grasp and will effortlessly turn to twist the non-stick coated screw into the cork.
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  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Pizza Scissors And Spatula

    1.Multi-functional kitchen scissor, bottle opener function, practical and safe 2.Stainless steel shears snip through chicken bones effortlessly 3.Rustless and Corrosion resistance 4.Different color of the rubber ring can be chosen
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  • Magnetic Refrigerator Kitchen Scissors

    Perfect holiday gift for mom, makes an enjoyable holiday kitchen. It's a favorite for mom as the home cook and professional chef. It'll save prep time with very little waste. Bring mom what she really deserves... Joy into the kitchen
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  • Barbecue Brush Cleaner For Grill Cooking Grates

    Wide brush head cleans large surfaces quickly and efficiently
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  • Bbq Tools Cleaner Barbecue Grill Brush

    Strong bristles easily clean dirt without damaging or scratching porcelain or ceramic grill grates
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