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Modern Scissors
Jul 25, 2018

China's famous contemporary scissors, known as "Wang Mazi" in Beijing and "Zhang Xiaoquan" in Hangzhou, is known as "North Wang Nan Zhang". Zhang Xiaoquan scissors has a "three hundred years of history, three hundred years of credibility", and is also known as "the crown of scissors." As early as 1910, Nanyang's first persuasion (sales department fair), Zhang Xiaoquan scissors won the silver medal, and won the gold medal and special prize respectively at the Panama International Exposition in 1919 and the China National Goods Exhibition in 1923. In recent years, Zhang Xiaoquan's scissors exports have increased greatly and are favored by people all over the world. The "Wang Mazi" scissors, which has a history of more than 360 years, has been declining in recent years for various reasons. This also shows from another aspect that the importance of promoting history and culture and protecting and developing the "Chinese Time-honored Brand".

There are many kinds of scissors, the main material is alloy steel, which is generally composed of two parts - the movable blade controlled by the thumb, the stationary blade controlled by the ring finger, and one screw admin66 in two parts.

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